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Deploying on Azure: Backing up your data

Backing up and restoring Linkurious Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

To backup and restore your instance of Linkurious Enterprise running on Microsoft Azure, please ensure that you are running on a plan that meets the necessary requirements.

There are two ways to backup your Linkurious Enterprise Cloud instances on Microsoft Azure : Snapshots and Backups.

Using Snapshots

Azure provides hourly snapshots when backups are activated. This is the preferred method for backup and restore as this avoids file lock issues. Please follow the official Azure documentation for snapshots.

Once snapshot is restored it's advised to restart Linkurious Enterprise after restoring.

Using Backups

Azure also provides a second backup method: Backups. This will enable you to easily create app backups manually or on a schedule. Please follow the official Azure documentation to set-up backups

Before restoring your application from a backup, you will need to stop Linkurious Enterprise