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Deploying on Azure: Updating

Updating Linkurious Enterprise on Azure

To update your instance of Linkurious Enterprise, you will need to update the docker image tag to a higher version on the deployment center page of the application.
For example, to update Linkurious from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1, you edit the image tag from linkurious/linkurious-enterprise:3.1.0 to linkurious/linkurious-enterprise:3.1.1

Here are the step by step instructions from the Azure portal:

  1. Open the resource group selected during the deployment process
  2. Select the Linkurious Enterprise App Service
  3. Go to the Deployment Center page
  4. Edit the image tag of the Linkurious Enterprise docker image
  5. Click on Save

Please take into account that updating will restart your Linkurious Enterprise instance. To check the progress of your deployment, click "log stream" on the left sidebar.