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Manage visualizations: Organize

Visualizations are by default added to the dashboard. From the dashboard we can open, rename, and delete a visualization.

We can also organize the visualizations in folders.

Open, rename or delete a visualization

The following actions are possible either when we right-click on a visualization or on the right menu of the dashboard:

  • Open: opens the visualization where you left it (with the colors, sizes and filters);
  • Share: shares the visualization;
  • Move: moves a visualization to a folder;
  • Rename: renames the visualization;
  • Duplicate: duplicates the visualization;
  • Delete: deletes the visualization.

Arrange visualizations in folders

To create a folder, we click theĀ NEW FOLDER button in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

We enter the name of our folder.

We hit Create. Our folder is created.

We open the folder by either double clicking on it or right clicking to open the context menu. If we want to move a visualization into the folder, we right-click on our visualization and hitĀ Move.

We select the folder we want to move our visualization to.

The visualization has been moved to the folder. We see a breadcrumb under the main title to show where we are at in the folder hierarchy.