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Ogma, the all-in-one javascript library for large-scale interactive graph visualizations

Ogma is a Javascript library for large-scale interactive graph visualizations. Its graphical engine is built for WebGL first. It also supports HTML5 Canvas and SVG with the same level of details. Ogma offers set of features required to display, explore, and interact with graph data in a web application. This includes connecting to various sources to import and export data, smart layouts algorithms, rich user interactions, and fully customizable visual styles. It icludes a rich set of tools to annotate your visualisations and connect them to other web components and generate reports.

You can develop rich applications using graph data visualisations with Ogma. Adding custom UI on top of Ogma is easy as it integrates with all the popular front end frameworks. Use dynamic styles for your data similarly to CSS, and react to the changes in data and graph topology, finding and emphasizing individual patterns and structures. You can visualize large networks using state-of-the-art graph layout algorithms and leverage the power of rule-based transformations that helps you clear the view and extract insights from your data.