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Alerts: Configuration

To enable, disable, and customize the alerts behavior see how to configure Linkurious Enterprise.

The following options are available in alerts key:

  • enabled (default: true): The feature activation parameter. The value false will completely disable the feature preventing even the possibility to define new alerts.

  • maxCaseTTL (default: 0): The Time To Live is the number of days a result is kept in the new cases section (to be reviewed). If not reviewed before the number of days has elapsed, a result will disappear.

    The value 0 means that unreviewed results will disappear only if they aren't matched again in the succeeding execution of the alert check.

  • maxCasesLimit (default: 5000): The maximum number of cases returned by a single alert.

  • maxRuntimeLimit (default: 600000): The maximum execution time (in milliseconds) of a single alert.

  • maxConcurrency (default: 1): The number of alert queries that can be run concurrently. This is useful when you configure multiple alerts and want to prevent them from running at the same time to limit load on the graph database server.

Example of alerts configuration:

alerts: {
  "enabled": true,
  "maxMatchTTL": 0,
  "maxMatchesLimit": 5000,
  "maxRuntimeLimit": 600000,
  "maxConcurrency": 1