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What is a plugin?

A plugin is software running on top of Linkurious Enterprise extending its capabilities. For example, a plugin that adds the functionality of importing your data to Linkurious Enterprise via CSV files.

What is an official Linkurious Enterprise plugin?

Official plugins are plugins built, distributed, and maintained by Linkurious team. Customers and 3rd party developers can easily create their own plugins using our detailed Plugins Development Guide.

What are the currently available official Linkurious Enterprise Plugins?

What do I need to get started installing a plugin?

You need to be able to add files to the "data" folder of Linkurious Enterprise and have a basic understanding of JSON files. You also need admin access to Linkurious Enterprise to make the configuration and start/restart plugins. Usually plugins are triggered by custom actions, so you need to be able to create custom actions so users can easily access the plugin.

How do I install plugins?

Each plugin comes with clear instructions on how to install plugins, here is a detailed step-by-step example for the CSV importer plugin.

How do I install official plugins while using Linkurious Enterprise under Docker

If you are using Docker, plugins can be installed by setting the LKE_PLUGINS environment variable like this:


You can choose from the following plugin-names:

What do I need to be able to use the plugin?

Once installed, any user can use the plugin from Linkurious Enterprise through custom actions.

Are plugins compatible with all versions of Linkurious Enterprise?

Compatibility is mentioned on the download page of each plugin. You can easily identify that by looking at the minimal and maximal supported Linkurious Enterprise version.

What can I expect about maintenance and bug fixes?

If you are facing problems with a plugin follow the next steps:

  • Make sure you are running the latest supported version of Linkurious Enterprise.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin.

If you are still facing problems, please get in touch with support while keeping this in mind:

  • Compare your Linkurious Enterprise version to the min-max allowed versions for the plugin.
  • If the version is within the supported range, the policy will be:
    • Beta version: best effort.
    • Stable version: fix functionally impacting bugs (timeliness depends on the severity).
    • Maintenance version: fix only critical bugs.