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Troubleshooting: Getting support

If you need to get support regarding an issue or you have a question, please contact us at

If the issue is technical, send us the application logs as described below.

Collect automatically generated report

You can download an automatically generated report from the Web user interface via the Admin > Global configuration menu:

At the end of the page, click Download Report:

Manual process to collect logs

It can happen that the system fails to start due an error. Since the impossibility to download the automatically generated report, the following files should be added manually to a compressed archive:

  • The application logs: the manager and log folders stored in <linkurious-installation>/data

  • The application configuration (optional): the production.json file stored in <linkurious-installation>/data/config

    Depending on your situation, the configuration file (production.json) may sometimes contains clear-text passwords. Consider redacting such password before sharing your configuration with the support team.