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Updating Linkurious: Update procedure

If you follow this procedure, you will be able to update Linkurious Enterprise to a newer version without loosing your configuration and user-data store. You data will be automatically migrated to the newer version.

Before updating, make sure that you have backed-up your data in case something unexpected happens.

During the update procedure, if Linkurious Enterprise is running, it will be stopped. You will need to re-start Linkurious Enterprise after the update procedure.

  1. Download the newer version you wish to install (see how to download Linkurious Enterprise)
  2. Copy into the root folder of your working Linkurious Enterprise directory (along the start stop and update scripts)
  3. Run the existing update script from the root folder (Linux:, OSX:, Windows: update.bat)
  4. Done! You can restart Linkurious Enterprise.

Even though the above procedure is the standard one for a general upgrade, some version (especially major releases) can introduce changes requiring extra attention. Please browse our public resources to verify whether there is something applicable to your specific configuration.

Update Docker image

If you use the Linkurious Enterprise docker image, the only step to update Linkurious Enterprise is to use the new docker image with the existing Linkurious Enterprise data volume.


If the update script fails, please check the update log located at linkurious/data/update.log for details.