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Troubleshooting: Managing licenses

Install the license

To install the license, a license.key file needs to be added to the /data folder of Linkurious Enterprise.

In the case of a Linux, Windows or Mac OS systems, the license is generated, downloaded and installed automatically with the zip file. No extra step is needed.


When installing with Docker the process has to be done manually. To achieve this:

  1. If it doesn't already exist, create a folder with the same name as the already created data volume (lke-data in our documentation example).
  2. From, download the license.key file.
  3. Copy the license.key file inside the previously created folder (lke-data in our example).

Check if the license has expired

  1. Go to /data folder in Linkurious Enterprise
  2. Open the license.key file with a text editor
  3. Copy the base64 string in the license field, decode it (
  4. The endDate field is the expiration date in the form of a timestamp (

Update the license

If your license with Linkurious has expired, please contact the sales team of Linkurious.

In case your license has already been renewed, you can update the license. To achieve this, either:

  • Update Linkurious Enterprise to the latest version. It will automatically update the license.
  • Or, download the license.key file from Copy the license.key file to the /data folder of your Linkurious Enterprise current instance (deleting the existing license.key file).

Note: if using Docker please follow the guideline in the install the license section