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Linkurious Enterprise user manual

Welcome to the user manual of Linkurious Enterprise!

We will be exploring the features Linkurious Enterprise offers. Each feature is throroughly explained. Examples and tips on how to use Linkurious Enterprise are given in order to help you make the most out of it.

The first three chapters, Spaces, First Visualization and Manage Visualizations will teach you the basics to successfully create and manage your visualizations.

The following chapters will walk you through the different features Linkurious Enterprise provides and explain how to use them in order to successfully visualize your graphs and extract the necessary knowledge from your investigations.

Just like our software, this guide assumes no prior knowledge of graph visualization techniques. By reading the user guide thoroughly, you will be able to use all the tools Linkurious Enterprise provides efficiently in order to find valuable connections and structural patterns in your data, improve your graph database and communicate your findings!