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Search: Searching for nodes

We may have millions of nodes in our graph. What if we want to look at a specific node?

We can use the search bar in the Workspace once we have created a new visualization.

We can look for a node by typing the name of any of its properties. Here, for example, we look for the property Instagram. We see the list of suggestions that match our search.

The search can be applied to all the nodes in the database or to all the nodes in the visualization simply by switching from ALL to LOCAL

All the entries in the database containing the word Instagram will appear. These results are sorted by relevance.

For each result we can see:

  • The caption of the node (Instagram)
  • The property that matches our search, highlighted in yellow (Here, the homepage_url of the company Instagram contains the text Instagram that matched our search)

When we click on the result of our choice, it will be added to the workspace. Now we can visualize it.

How it works : by default, Linkurious Enterprise indexes all the properties of your graph. If any property of a node matches your search, it will be returned.

For example, you could find the Instagram node by typing instagram, or USA or 2010-03.

The search bar in the Workspace provides an Advanced Search option not available through the Quick Search Bar of the Visualizations Dashboard. We can thus reduce the results to the category we are interested in. Those options are described in the Advanced search section.