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Alerts: Investigating cases

Case Investigation

You can investigate a case by clicking on the case's id in the case list or the unified case list. By doing so, you will be redirected to the graph of said case where you can:

  • Investigate the context of your case
  • Change the status of the case
  • Assign it to yourself or one of your colleagues
  • Leave comments and remarks on the investigation
  • Mention your colleagues to collaborate on the case

Features that are present in the visualization workspace such as, geomode, filtering, grouping, layouts and more are also present in this view in order to help you while investigating! Nodes' and edges' details can be accessed when clicking on them from the left panel. Moreover, the case can be exported.

Adding Comments & Mentioning Colleagues

From the activity panel, you can add comments and mention any user who has access to the datasource, by typing @. After typing @, a list of suggested users according to what you type will appear. Users can be searched for by their email and username. When you have found the user you would like to mention, you can click on them or press enter. Mentioned users will then be notified via email.

In order to receive notifications, confirm with your admin that your email notifications are correctly configured.

Changing Status & Assignee

You can change the status of the case (from the top-right of the page). screenshot: changing the status of a case

When changing the status to either In progress, Confirmed or Dismissed, you will be prompted for an optional note, to document the decision for future reference. screenshot: adding a note when confirming a case

You can assign the case to someone directly through the information panel. To do so, you just need to click on "Assign" button next to the assignee username. You will find the history of assignement in the activity panel, with comments and status changes.

Saving Updates

You can save the current state of the investigation by clicking on the "Save" button that appears after you update the graph (e.g. by adding a node).