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Design: Nodes color

If all your nodes or edges have the same color, it is difficult to distinguish them without looking at their individual properties. A great way to solve this is to color the nodes according to a certain category or property.

For example, our nodes with category LOAN may have a type property that we would like to highlight; Linkurious Enterprise enables us to color the nodes according to a particular property, here type.

This way, a condo and a house loan will have different colors despite having the same category; it will be easier to distinguish them visually.

In the picture below, we see that company Hello New World Ltd is connected to many loans. At first glance we have no idea where these loans are for.

Let's open the Design panel on the right corner of the screen and hit the Styles tab.

We can see all the node categories and, clicking on them, we can see their properties and property values.

Clicking on the desire property we can see all the values from the nodes in the visualization; from here, in two steps, we can change the color based on a value:

  1. Click on the color icon

  1. Select one color from the list or insert one other color on the input using the color name (e.g. blue), its hexadecimal color code (e.g. #0000FF) or its rgb, rgba (e.g. rgb(0, 0, 255), rgba(0, 0, 255, 1))

We repeat the process until we have a new color for each value:

All the nodes that do not have the property or none of the values for which we applied a rule will remain with the color of their category.