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Manipulating the graph: Publish

Linkurious Enterprise offers the possibility to publish interactive visualizations online. Published visualizations can be accessed with an URL or embedded in a Web page à la Google Maps. They contain a snapshot of graph data at the time the visualization is published. The visualization author can update or un-publish his visualizations anytime. Anyone can explore these visualizations interactively, enabling easier collaboration around graph data.

We can publish a visualization from the Workspace via the left menu:

Before publishing a visualization, we can choose various options to customize the interface:

The options are:

  • Fullscreen: to provide a fullscreen view of the graph
  • Legend: to display a legend (styles applied)
  • Search: to display a search bar in order to explore the graph
  • Share: to share the visualization
  • Zoom: to zoom in and zoom out

In the screenshot above, we have disabled the share option. We can see that the Share button on the right of the screen disappeared. Finally, we can publish it:

The visualization is now available online! We can share the link or integrate it into a web page by adding the script of the web widget into the source code of a web page.

If the server that hosts Linkurious Enterprise is accessible via intranet only, published visualizations will be available within the organization and won’t be available outside.