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Manipulating the graph: Edge Grouping

Edge grouping is a feature that allows users to group parallel edges sharing the same type to make visualisations more readable.

Example: Consider the following visualisation, we would like to group all the edges which has the type HAS_TRANSFERED.

The Edge grouping panel can be accessed by clicking on the following Icon on the right top of the screen.

The Edge grouping panel will open with the different edge types to group, in our example HAS_TRANSFERED, HAS_ADDRESS, etc.

By clicking (enabling) the HAS_TRANSFERED button we will see that all the parallel edges with the same direction of that type are grouped in the visualisation as in the following figure.

Please note that the number in the caption appearing next to the edge type indicates the number of edges within that group.

Accessing the edge grouping properties panel

By selecting the edge group, a panel is opened on the left that displays information about the grouped edges.

At the top of this panel, you'll find basic information, including the type and the count of the grouped edges. Then right below, you will see the list of aggregated properties related to the grouped edges.

If the properties are totally or partially invalid, an information message will be displayed in the aforementioned left panel to warn you.

Numerical Properties

For numerical properties within a given edge group, aggregation will be performed using the following numerical operators: Sum, Average, Minimum, and Maximum. The count of valid properties that have been used to compute the mentioned operators can be found before the operators.

Properties that are set as currency in the schema will inherit the currency format and symbol.

Date Properties

If a given edge group contains a date or date-time property, the left panel will display:

  • The name of the property with the count of valid properties in this group
  • FIRST DATE - the earliest valid date available in this edge group
  • LAST DATE - the most recent valid date available in this edge group

Date or date-time properties will inherit the formatting set in the schema.