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Edit data: Create nodes and edges

The easiest way to create a node or an edge is to right-click on the background or click on the More option in the top menu.

For edge creation, we can select one or two nodes and right-click on one of them to automatically use the selected nodes as source and target.

Create a node

First we need to select or create a new category for the node using the marked input.

When we begin typing compa the category Company appears on the list along with the option to create a new category named compa.

Let's select Company and click on the Add button. The company is then added, and since a category is already present in the database, the properties list will be filled with those properties already on Company nodes.

We can now fill the desired properties or create new ones at the end of the list and click the Save button to add the new node to the visualization.

The new node is now saved and added with the inserted data. The node is also automatically selected.

Create an edge

The easiest way to create an edge between two nodes is to select them and then right-click on one of them or on the More option in the selection panel.

After clicking on Create Edge the edge creation modal will open with three important fields:

  • Type: the type of edge;
  • Source: the source of the edge;
  • Target: the destination of the edge.

Since we already selected two nodes, the target and the source are automatically filled. Using the opposite arrows on top, it is possible to switch between source and target. If we open the edge creation modal without any node selected, we can use the source or target inputs to search for nodes present in the visualization.

Next, we need to select a type for the edge (unlike with node creation, in edge creation type is required). Clicking on the type input will show all types present in the database. Let's select HAS_CITY

As with nodes, we can add as many properties as we want to an edge. When we are done, we click on the Save button.

Finally, we can see in our graph our new edge:

It is also possible to create a new edge without selecting any node by right-clicking on the background or by clicking the More button in the top menu.