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Guest Mode

What is the Guest mode

The Guest mode is a way to share graphs with people who do not have an account on Linkurious Enterprise.

Key characteristics:

  • "Public link"-sharing: the Guest mode is very similar to the option found in Google Documents and many other applications. You get a URL that you can share to people that don't have an account on Linkurious Enterprise.
  • Read-only: the people you share a visualization with won't be able to modify the data in the database, and your visualizations will remain unchanged whatever they do in the Guest mode workspace
  • Simplified interface.

The Guest mode is available once an Administrator has enabled it.

Standard user interface:

Guest mode user interface:

Share a visualization

There are 2 options to share a visualization with the Guest mode:

  1. From the dashboard, right-click on a visualization and click Share
  2. From the workspace of that visualization, go to Menu > Share

  • Enable Public link sharing for that visualization by clicking on the Public link toggle button.
  • Copy the URL.
  • Send the URL to whoever you want to share this visualization with.
  • Clicking on the URL the person you sent it to will access a simplified workspace initialized with your visualization.

Security warning

  • People that you share a visualization with can explore the data beyond the nodes and edges that are in your visualization.
  • To get a better idea of what they are going to see:
    • Open another browser (for example open Firefox if you are currently using Chrome)
    • Make sure you are not logged in to Linkurious Enterprise in that browser. Log off is necessary.
    • Paste the URL
  • If you feel there might be a security concern, please contact your Administrator.