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Configuring data-sources

A data-source is a conceptual representation of a graph database within Linkurious Enterprise. Visualizations and other user data created within Linkurious Enterprise will be associated their respective data-source.

Supported vendors

Linkurious Enterprise can connect to some of the most popular graph databases:

For more details about supported versions for each vendor, please check our compatibility matrix.

Multi-database support

Linkurious Enterprise is able to connect to several graph databases at the same time and lets you switch from one database to another seamlessly.

Edit the data-source configuration

You can configure your data-sources via the Web user interface or directly on the linkurious/data/config/production.json file.

Using the Web user interface

Using an administrator account, access the Admin > Data menu to edit the current data-source configuration:

Edit the data-source configuration to connect to your graph database:

Submit the changes by hitting the Save configuration button.

Using the configuration file

Edit the configuration file located at linkurious/data/config/production.json.

See details for each supported graph database vendor:

Source Key

Every data-source is uniquely identified with a sourceKey, a string computed when Linkurious Enterprise connects to the database for the first time, based on internal information from the data-source and saved in the configuration file.

Editing or removing the sourceKey of an existing configuration is strongly discouraged and may lead to unexpected behaviours.