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Search index: OpenSearch for Amazon Neptune

Amazon OpenSearch is a managed search engine operated by AWS and based on OpenSearch, an open-source Elasticsearch fork maintained by AWS.

Amazon OpenSearch with Amazon Neptune

Amazon OpenSearch is a good option as for full-text search in Amazon Neptune because Amazon provides a built-in integration that allows changes in Amazon Neptune to be automatically synchronized to OpenSearch.

Be aware that you should set up the Neptune-to-OpenSearch integration on an empty Neptune graph. If you set up the integration after you already added data to Neptune, existing data will not be automatically synchronized to OpenSearch.

If you already have data in your graph, check out how to export Neptune to OpenSearch

See the AWS documentation for how to set up the Neptune to OpenSearch integration

A simplified guide is provided here as a quick start guide:

  1. Make sure the IAM role running Neptune can also run queries in OpenSearch
  2. Enable Neptune streams
    • Open the "parameter groups" section in your Neptune console)
    • Click the "create new parameter group" button
    • Set the "type" to "DB cluster parameter group"
    • Click the "edit parameter" button
    • Set neptune_streams to 1
    • Save this new parameter group
    • Edit your Neptune instance to use the parameter group you just created
  3. Create an OpenSearch instance
    • Open your OpenSearch console
    • Create a new OpenSearch instance (choose either Elasticsearch 7.10 or OpenSearch 1.3)
    • Choose network settings that allow Neptune and OpenSearch to communicate (i.e. same VPC, same subnet)
  4. Set up the Neptune-to-OpenSearch synchronization