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Visualizations appearance: Default captions

In Linkurious Enterprise, node and edge captions are the texts displayed next to a node or an edge.

Captions, as for Styles, can be configured individually by each user using the Design panel.

As for Styles, an administrator can set the default values from its own workspace or by editing them from the data-source configuration page.

Inside Default Captions, the nodes and the edges sections define the default captions for nodes and edges respectively.

Each of these two sections is an object where the keys are node categories or edge types and the values are objects with the following keys:

  • active: Whether this caption definition is used
  • displayName: Whether to prefix the caption text with the node category or edge type
  • properties: An array of properties keys that will be concatenated to create the captions


"defaultCaptions": {
  "nodes": {
    "CITY": {
      "active": true,
      "displayName": true,
      "properties": ["name"]
    "COMPANY": {
      "active": true,
      "displayName": false,
      "properties": ["name", "country"]
  "edges": {
    "INVESTED_IN": {
      "active": true,
      "displayName": true,
      "properties": ["funded_month"]
  • A node with category CITY and name: "Paris" would have the caption CITY - Paris.
  • A node with category COMPANY, name: "Google" and country: "USA" would have the caption Google - USA.
  • An edge with type INVESTED_IN and funded_month: "2016-04" would have the caption INVESTED_IN - 2016-04.

Editing the default captions in the data-source page does automatically change captions for existing users for newly created visualizations. Existing visualizations are not touched.