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Configuring data-sources: Memgraph

Please check for supported Memgraph versions in our compatibility matrix.


To edit the Memgraph data-source configuration, you can either use the Web user-interface or edit the configuration file located at linkurious/data/config/production.json.

Example configuration:

  "dataSources": [
      "graphdb": {
        "vendor": "memgraph",
        "url": "bolt+s://",
        "user": "my-memgraph-user",
        "password": "my-memgraph-password"
      "index": {
        "vendor": "elasticsearch",
        "host": "",
        "port": 9201

Supported graphdb options with Memgraph:

  • url (required): URL of the Memgraph server (Bolt: bolt:// or bolt+s://)
  • user (optional): Memgraph user (if credentials are enabled)
  • password (optional): Memgraph password (if credentials are enabled)
  • latitudeProperty (optional): Name of the node property to use for latitude (used in geo mode)
  • longitudeProperty (optional): Name of the node property to use for longitude (used in geo mode)
  • ignoredEdgeTypePrefixes (optional): List of edge type prefixes to be excluded in the schema sampling

Memgraph cloud

Linkurious Enterprise allows using Memgraph instances running on Memgraph cloud.

Search with Memgraph

See options to enable full-text search with Memgraph.