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Importing graph data: Neo4j

To import data into Neo4j, you have a number of solutions depending on your needs.

"I need to import a large dataset"

If your data is static:

  • You can use the Neo4j ETL tool to take your data from a relational database or table format and import it to Neo4j.
  • You can also use the Neo4j Load CSV functionality if your data is in CSV format, and you feel comfortable writing Cypher queries.

If you are streaming data, you can use Neo4j Streams Kafka Integration to ingest any kind of Kafka event into your graph.

"I want to load data from a smaller file"

For simple CSV files, to get you quickly up and running, you can use the official Linkurious CSV importer plugin to import data directly through Linkurious Enterprise. The plugin provides a simple user interface to upload CSV files and easily define relationships.

If you are using spreadsheets, you can easily transform the data within to Cypher queries with this tutorial.

Finally, If your data is in JSON format, you could use the
load JSON functionality from APOC

"I want to play with sample data"

By default, a pre-loaded movie database is available in Neo4j Desktop.

You can also get started with Neo4j Sandbox and launch a free Neo4j online instance with an example dataset

"It’s complicated"

If you are still not sure, or your data import needs are more complex, or if you need to get help from professionals, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.