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Importing graph data: Amazon Neptune

To import data into Amazon Neptune, you have a several options depending on your needs.

Importing data

Neptune supports importing data using:

Migrating data using Amazon Data Migration Service (DMS)

Neptune supports migrating data from another source using Amazon DMS. Please refer to the list of supported sources for data migration.

Migrating data from Neo4j

If you are migrating data from Neo4j to Neptune, the steps are:

  1. Use APOC to dump your Neo4j data in the CSV format
    • Open a Neo4j console or browser
    • Export the graph to CSV by running this Cypher command: CALL apoc.export.csv.all("neo4j-export.csv", {d:','})
  2. Convert your Neo4j dump using the neo4j-to-neptune converter
    • Clone the repository by running git clone
    • Build the JAR by running mvn package in ./amazon-neptune-tools/neo4j-to-neptune/
    • Convert the CSV by running java -jar ./amazon-neptune-tools/neo4j-to-neptune/target/neo4j-to-neptune.jar convert-csv -i ./neo4j-export.csv -d output --infer-types
  3. Use the Neptune bulk loader to import the data in Neptune