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Alerts: Configuration

How to enable, disable and customise alerts?

Alerts can be configured and customised on the Global Configuration page that can be accessed under the Admin menu.

The following

  • enabled (default: true): This is the feature activation parameter. Its default value true will enable the feature while false will disable it completely.

  • maxMatchesLimit (default: 5000): This parameter sets the maximum number of matches an alert can return.

  • maxRuntimeLimit (default: 600000): This parameter sets the maximum execution time for an alert, in milliseconds.

  • alwaysRefreshCaseAttributes (default: false): This parameter determines whether the case attributes will be recomputed during every alert run or not. When set to false, only the cases with new matches will have their attributes recomputed. When set to true, recomputation for all cases will be forced.

Example of alerts configuration:

alerts: {
  "enabled": true,
  "maxMatchesLimit": 5000,
  "maxRuntimeLimit": 600000