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Using url parameters, you can create visualizations on the go to integrate Linkurious in your workflow.


To open a visualization pre-filled with data, you need to use the url /workspace/new.

Then, by adding url parameters, you can fill your visualization with a specific item, or by running a query:


This url will open a visualization with the node #45869.

You can find below a list of all parameters available and their usage.

field description accepted values
key Key of the data-source. A valid source key (default is the first connected data source)
populate Describes how the sandbox should be populated. "visualizationId", "expandNodeId", "nodeId", "edgeId", "queryId", "searchNodes", "searchEdges", "pattern", "caseId"
item_id ID of the node, edge, query, pattern or visualization to load (required when populate is one of visualizationId, queryId, nodeId, edgeId, expandNodeId). The ID of the ressource to load
case_id ID of alert case to load (required when populate is caseId). An existing case ID
search_query Search query to search for nodes or edges (required when populate is one of searchNodes or searchEdges). any string of characters
search_fuziness Search query fuziness (when populate is one of searchNodes or searchEdges). Any number between 0 and 1 (default is 0.1)
pattern_query Pattern query to match nodes and/or edges (required when populate is pattern). Any valid Cypher or Gremlin query (depending of the datasource query language)
pattern_dialect Query dialect to use (required when populate is pattern). "cypher", "gremlin"
query_parameters Template query parameters (required when populate is queryId and the query is a template). any valid template query parameters in JSON format (e.g. {"param1": "abc", "param2": 123}


You can also open a visualization by using the url /workspace/:id.

You can use specific parameters to customize it.


This url will open the visualization of id "5".

field description accepted values
id ID of the visualization. An existing visualization ID