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Data Schema: Strict mode

Strict editing / creation templates

Contrary to the "partial mode", when in "strict mode", you cannot deviate from the data schema when creating or editing a node or an edge.

More specifically, since all properties are typed, you cannot enter a value that is inconsistent with the schema or add arbitrary properties to nodes and edges.

A property must be declared in the schema first, before being available to users.

Switching to "strict mode"

The schema can be switched to "strict mode" by clicking on the "Switch to strict mode" button.

The "strict mode" requires to have types declared for all properties. As a consequence, when enabling "strict mode", all properties that do not have a type are switched to No access.

When switching to "strict mode", a warning is displayed with the list of properties that are being automatically switched to No access.

Changing the schema in "strict mode"

A schema in "strict mode" cannot evolve without an explicit action from the administrator. That means that any node-category, edge-type or property that would be detected after switching to "strict mode" would be added to the schema but be switched to No access by default.

A schema administrator can add new node-categories, edge-types or properties manually.

A schema in "strict mode" should be stable, so it is non-editable by default. To enable schema edition, the schema administrator needs to click on the corresponding toggle button.