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Authentication: SSO with Google

Linkurious Enterprise supports Google as an external authentication provider with Single Sign-On.

Since Google implements the OpenID Connect standard, it can be configured as an OpenID Connect provider in Linkurious Enterprise.


To set up Linkurious Enterprise authentication with Google, follow these steps:

  1. Create the credentials on your Google Developers console. You may have to fill in the OAuth consent screen.
  2. From the portal, obtain the following parameters:
    • authorizationURL, e.g.
    • tokenURL, e.g.
    • clientID, e.g.
    • clientSecret, e.g. E09dQxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSN
  3. Add or edit the existing oauth2 section inside the access section in linkurious/data/config/production.json

To limit the access to the Google accounts from your domain, use the hd query parameter in the authorizationURL with your domain as value.

Example access.oauth2 configuration with Google:

"access": {
  // [...]
  "oauth2": {
    "enabled": true,
    "provider": "openidconnect",
    "authorizationURL": "",
    "tokenURL": "",
    "clientID": "",

OAuth2 redirect URL

The OAuth2 redirect URL of Linkurious Enterprise is the following: http(s)://HOST:PORT/api/auth/sso/return. This redirect url will need to be added in the Authorized redirect URls section of the credentials section on your Google Developers console

google sso return url config